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Anamudi Shola

Anamudi Shola

Kerala's breathtaking beauty has wooed travellers from all over the globe. Gorgeous beaches, meandering rivers, beautiful waterfalls, and exotic flora and fauna, Kerala has it all. Located in the Idukki district, along the western ghats of Kerala is Anamudi Shola National Park, a remarkable national reserve spread over 7.5 km square. The park is famous for its tranquil environment and biodiversity, preferred by thousands of travellers that flock in here to get away from the city life

A Remarkable National Park

The incredible flora and fauna constituted within the premise are what makes your trip even more memorable. You can not only see the animals and click a photograph but to get up close to interact with them and observe their behaviour is what makes it exceptional.

Flora and Fauna

The west coast tropical evergreen is the dominant flora that covers the major forest area. As you go to the higher altitude areas, you will find more of the southern hilltop tropical vegetation. In addition to the unique biodiversity and climate of the park, it also has one of the largest shola forest ecosystems in India. The park also houses over 60 species of trees, 38 species of climbers and 175 species of herbs and shrubs. 

You can easily spot leopards, civet cats, wolves, Indian Bison, wild boars, elephants, tigers, Panther, sloth bear, flying squirrels, jungle cat, wild dogs, and more. It's not only about the animals. In addition to that, you can also enjoy a wide range of rare birds (more than 76), over 200 species of moths, 100 species of butterflies, and even reptiles.

History of Anamudi Shola National Park

The park has been nominated for the status of World Heritage Site under UNESCO's World Heritage Programme. In 2003 it was declared as a National Park as a part of Annamalai sub-cluster. It is being managed by Munnar Wildlife Division and Kerala Wildlife and Forest department since then.

Things to Do

There is a lot more to see. You can plan a trek in the establishment to check out various attractions within the park. Thoovanam waterfall, Chinnar River and the adjacent waterfall, and Pambar river to name a few. Soak in the natural beauty and plan a picnic in the area with your loved ones. Taking a trip to a national park is always a calming experience. Interacting with exotic wildlife surrounded by the pristine and pure nature is still blissful.