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Sahya Tea Factory

Sahya Tea Factory

The word SAHYA itself gives the meaning that it comes from the Sahya mountains.
The product Sahya tea comes from a Co-operative tea factory located in Thankamany, owned by Thankamany service co- operative bank Ltd. Which is also supported by government of kerala.. This is a joint venture of around 3500 small tea cultivators of this area. The tea factory was inaugurated by Sri Pinarayi Vijayan, Hon. Chief minister of Kerala on 26.11.2017

The new product introduced by the company under the brand name “SAHYA” has achieved a great progress since its beginning .It is the passion and compassion to serve the consumers, which helps the company to reach its heights

The main motto behind this new product is to bring all our farmers under one umbrella and cultivate good and healthy tea .With this intention in mind, we have set a trained group of agricultural labours called KARSHIKA KARMA SENA for assisting farmers in the cultivation and collection of the tea leaves. Sahya Farmers Producers Company formed by the bank, with the assistance of NABARD enables the farmers to deliver the tea leaves in the factory and the value of which gets transferred through bank, the very next day without the interference of any intermediaries .It all shows the total team work of farmers and labourers of this area which gives good result in the present and in future also.

Our consumer pack now gets good acceptance from the common public through its Aroma, Taste and Quality when compared. We choose the better quality young and tender tea leaves from the youngest plantations of this area which have less than 20 years of age and the youngest in India. The small and marginal farmers, who practices mixed farming, only used traditional methods of farming which does not involve modern usage of heavy pesticides and insecticides.
More over we can strongly say that, our tea samples are undergoing all the quality parameters as per the FSSAI and Tea Board Of India. Our manufacturing process also involves High Tec technologies of modern machineries and hygienic packing units .